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Mixed grilled chorizo and black pudding

Morcela (black pudding) is one of the tastiest Portuguese

£ 6.90
Selection of cheeses, Chourizo and Prosciutto Chef's selection of famous traditional Portuguese cheese served together with Pro... More
£ 7.50
Garlic bread with herbs or with herbs and cheese Garlic bread is a world wide succes at any table, but here we have added to it... More
with herbs
£ 3.95
with herbs and Cheese
£ 4.50
Presunto served with fresh melon Our melon is sweet, and presunto is heaven. Together they make a great sensation on your plate... More
£ 4.70
Prawn cocktail served on a bed of crispy lettuce We cannot guarantee the prawn nationality, but this recipe is our traditional ... More
£ 5.50
Half shell mussels in a tomato and coriander sauce It's the way they go together that makes all the difference. Try this amazin... More
£ 6.50
Fresh Clams cooked in virgin olive oil, garlic, coriander and white wine
£ 6.90
Flamed Prawns flavoured with garlic, butter, lemon and a dash of Portuguese spicy sauce
£ 7.80
Contains Nuts